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We have three therapists that help children reach their developmental milestones and their full potential. They also assess, diagnose, provide support and treat kids of all ages should there be any areas of concern or areas that need developing.
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Occupational therapy services are offered at Little Flock and King’s College & Preparatory School.


The main focus is assisting children to flourish in the areas of learning, play and socialisation. The Sensory Intergration-based approach uses play, the child’s intrinsic motivation, and the “just-right challenge” to achieve optimal progress for a child. We often work in areas of sensory regulation and processing, postural control, planning, gross and fine motor skills, and visual perceptual skills.

Speech & Hearing

Speech and Hearing therapy services are offered at Little Flock and King’s College & Preparatory School.


Speech therapy involves the assessment, diagnosis and treatment of a variety of communication, oral-motor and swallowing disorders. Your child may be referred for speech therapy by your doctor or teacher if they present with:


Play therapy services are offered at Little Flock and King’s College & Preparatory School.


The focus of Play Therapy is to provide emotional support for children. This could be needed due to a traumatic experience; a change in life circumstances as well as any other emotional struggles. Play therapy is based on the premise that children communicate better through their play than their verbal language. The play therapy environment creates a positive space in which children can express themselves.

We have a music and sports programme that all kids absolutely love getting involved in.

Music at
Little Flock

We have a Music & Dance Academy that is on our Campus where music lessons of all kinds are offered to children and adults who are on or off our Campus. This is called the MADA Academy. One of our music teachers from MADA takes our Grade 00 and 0 children, class by class, for one lesson per week at Little Flock. He teaches them the foundations of music, working with many different types of instruments, and assists us with some of our Little Flock events.

Sports Programme at
Little Flock

We are privileged to have introduced a wonderful sports programme run by an exceptional coach from Kings College who teaches the Grade 0 and 00 children each week on the bottom field. Different sporting skills will be taught ranging from Soccer, Cricket, Softball, Netball, etc. These skills are to develop and improve our children’s sporting ability and to expose them to a variety of skills thus equipping them for Grade 1.

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